Crest Plaza Renovation

Canbian Commercial Project

Crest Plaza Renovation

Project Description

The 159-street fa├žade upgrade project includes major renovations to the interior and exterior of an old ESSO gas station site from 50 years ago. Canbian will be turning the site into a commercial plaza becoming home to many businesses such as restaurants and nail salons. Canbian will replace the 50-year-old Stramit roof with new SBS roofing. Hardscape improvements will include a brand-new concrete parking lot with sidewalks and barrier curbs along with softscape. The exterior of this building will include galvanized corrugated steel cladding, hardie board, and lux panels. The exterior lighting will include LED lights over the back doors and walls along with architectural led lights on the south face. There will be a new curtain wall system complete with dual sealed energy efficient glazed units. Canbian is excited to be involved with the renovation of this building.


Location Edmonton, AB
Type Design-Build
Size 16,000 square feet
Duration 6 months

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