Canbian Commercial ProjectWindermere Hotel and CRU

Windermere Hotel and CRU

Project Description

This project consists of a new hotel and a separate CRU Commercial building on the same site. The hotel is approximately 43,200 sqft in total with 92 suites over four floors as well as an indoor pool.  The building is primarily a wood structure sitting on top of a concrete foundation.  The exterior finishes consists largely of EFIS stucco along with a TPO membrane roof. The commercial building has a 10,000 sqft foot print comprised of a conventional steel frame structure and grade beam foundation.  This building features aluminum windows, EFIS stucco and masonry exterior finishes.

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LocationEdmonton, AB

Duration18 months

SizeHotel 43,200 sq ft + CRU 10,000 sq ft

TypeConstruction Management