Canbian Commercial ProjectQuantum Building Renovations

Quantum Building Renovations

Project Description

The quantum project includes major renovations to the interior and exterior of two buildings.  The buildings were constructed in 1956 and were destined for demolition to make way for a new commercial project.  Covid changed all that and we are certainly glad we didn’t proceed with demolishing the buildings.  Building A is 14,000SF and Building B is 7,000SF and are constructed like a rock.  The structure is concrete grade beams with a steel beam lines and interior columns as well as wooden/steel “Red Built” roof joists and an 8” concrete block bearing wall in the centre of the buildings.  The exterior walls are 8” masonry.  We replaced the original 60year old Stramit roof with a new TPO roofing system.  The building was home to many businesses in the past and has a history that goes back over 60 years.  Once we are finished with the renovation the buildings will be unrecognizable.  We are quite happy to be recycling the buildings and look forward to having new tenants in the future.

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LocationEdmonton, AB

Duration2 months

Size14,000 square feet

TypeDesign Build