Canbian Commercial ProjectBryant Heritage Plaza

Bryant Heritage Plaza

Project Description

Preliminary design and development permit drawings were complete when Canbian became involved in this project. Located on the southeast corner of Beaumont, this is a prime retail development including three new buildings. One building has a main floor area of 30,200 sf. With a partial second floor of 20,200 square feet. The floor to floor height of 6.8 metres provides a very high ceiling for the main floor occupants. The two other buildings are single storey at 9000 sf and 6400 sf respectively. All three building are constructed to suit the French colonial theme in Beaumont using structural steel skeleton, steel stud infill, EIFS and metal cladding. Originally designed with strip footings and foundation walls, the foundation was revised to screw piles and grade beams to suit the budget and late autumn construction start.

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LocationBeaumont, AB

Duration14 months

Size65,800 square feet

TypeConstruction Management